Seize opportunities at an early stage

GNB Swiss Investments cultivates a diversified range of investments in line with a return-oriented investment philosophy. As a private equity firm, we specialize in growth equity investments, project development and financing in a variety of sectors.

Our teams of experts provide advisory and operational services to our partners. Our investment activities offer innovative solutions for finance expansion and strengthen businesses in all aspects of capital structure.

Auspicious partnerships

GNB owns patents, licenses, technologies and processes in various industries such as Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure and Real Estate Development, along with Fintech, Mining, Education and Event Conception and Management, as well as in the field of renewable energy and asset protection. In this context, we are involved in various promising projects. Projects that transform the future into today.

Our business areas

Investments in hand-picked sectors and fields

GNB Swiss Investments

Promoting and steering promising markets to generate long-lasting value

We are committed to sustainability in our investment decisions. In addition to a sustainable approach, our investment philosophy is based on getting in early. Our investment ideas generate value and increase wealth for future generations.

Sustainable progress

As like-minded visionaries and investment experts, we accelerate positive developments in a sustainable manner. If you would like to learn more about GNB Swiss Investments or are considering becoming part of our investment community, do not hesitate to contact us.