Sustainable investment is our way of life

The private equity company GNB Swiss Investments was founded in August 2013. Our goal is to guide, structure and expand investors' access to different industries and to create a safe and trustworthy environment for professional investors. We are aware of the world trends in all sectors we operate at, hence providing clients with innovative Up-To-Date advice.

We specialize in growth equity investments, project development and financing in a variety of sectors. As a sustainability-focused company, we invest in excellently managed, growing companies with proven business models and solid management.

Investing in potential at an early stage

Revolutionizing established fields with new processes and technologies is our philosophy. Our investments focus on investing at an early stage in order to support, promote and influence development.

Auspicious growth potential combined with risk mitigation

Inspiring, collaborative and rewarding partnerships are key to sustainable growth and business development.

We consistently support our partners in creating value by streamlining operational processes and optimizing revenue growth - either through organic or proactive growth.

Every investment requires risk management

Embracing investment opportunities around the globe requires a savvy approach and meticulous regulatory compliance.

We apply rigorous measures to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and market rules. Our activities are monitored by independent, accredited experts.

A cornerstone for financial prosperity and sustainable results

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    Investing responsibly

    Sustainability shapes our strategic thinking in order to provide lasting benefits to our customers. We aim to build and maintain trust-based relationships at all levels to ensure continuity, stability and sustainability at all times.

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    Every investment is based on calculation

    Our investment strategy focuses on sustainable technologies and processes. We are always prepared to face an ever-changing world. For the benefit of our stakeholders, we consider demanding sectors in our strategy.

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    Added value for partners

    Every great entrepreneurial vision grows with the right strategy. We create value for our partners by collaborating closely with them. In doing so, we invariably enable business expansion.

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    Thinking long-term

    Sustainability plays a central role at GNB Swiss Investments. Our goal is sustainable growth and securing long-term prosperity for our investors.