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Get Liquidity out of your portfolio

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    Collateralized debt obligations

    GNB Swiss Investments identifies and evaluates potential in asset securitization market. In addition to collateralized debt obligations, we offer asset-backed bonds as an alternative to other debt instruments for income-oriented investors.

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    Leverage your possibilities

    We understand the need for predictable liquidity on competitive terms. GNB Swiss Investments enables investors to quickly turn bankable and non-bankable assets from public, private or digital markets into securities.

Making asset securitization accessible

We combine the latest advances in technology with our wide industry experience to help our clients thrive in the traditional and digital age of finance.

GNB Swiss Investments serves VCs, Private Equity Specialists, Banks, Asset Managers, Family Offices, Brokers and Project Finance worldwide.

Collateralized by reliable assets

Our process enables investors to transform illiquid assets into liquid ones and free up capital. While at the same time, a better risk management and higher returns are achieved.

Opportunities in changing capital markets

Your questions and concerns are important to us. Do you consider becoming part of our investment community or would you like to learn more about GNB Swiss Investments? Do not hesitate to get in touch.