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From development to the target market

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    Drug development is a lengthy, economically risky process. As an experienced partner GNB Swiss Investments aids the development of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and similar products.

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    Contract Manufacturing

    During the process of developing new pharmaceuticals, individual pharmaceutical companies often lack special technologies or strive for cost optimization. We support manufacturers in a faster market entry.

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    Pharmaceutical wholesalers, direct distribution, pharmacies and Internet pharmacies: We provide manufacturers with qualified teams of experts and distribute pharmaceutical products in their target markets. Our focus is on country-specific aspects of healthcare systems and regulations.

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    For pharmaceutical companies, market conditions are highly dynamic. GNB Swiss Investments invests in selected pharmaceutical companies as well as in their research and enables innovation in the healthcare sector.

Exclusive licenses, exclusive growth

Pharma is a Strategic Business Unit of GNB Swiss Investments which focuses on innovative medicines. We acquire registration, distribution, and marketing rights under exclusive licenses agreements from leading pharmaceuticals manufacturers.

We provide our licensors with a full range of services required for successful product commercialization including market access strategies, supply chain funding and successfully negotiating with government authorities as well as local manufacturers and distributors.

Our activities in the pharmaceutical sector

GNB Swiss Investments currently holds licenses in Switzerland and Russia. Among the advances and achievements we favor is inter alia a virostatic drug whose active ingredient inhibits RNA polymerase - the viral "copying machinery".

Another of our projects is an innovative COVID-19 therapeutic agent that uses the same molecular encapsulation process used by the human body to absorb fat-soluble molecules.

We also enter R&D ventures with pharmaceuticals labs around the world to develop innovative medicines targeting specific needs. Our portfolio includes over 10 brands across different categories. We have a robust presence in the pharmaceuticals and supplements with following therapeutic area:

  • Boost Immune Health for COVID-19
  • Pain management
  • Medicinal THC

Pharmaceutical companies competing for innovation

Jointly, we drive positive development. Are you considering becoming part of our community or would you like to receive a detailed overview of GNB's involvement in the pharmaceutical sector? Feel free to contact us.