Our services

Safer, more efficient and more sustainable mining

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    Process optimization

    We have the expertise, technologies and manpower to increase the efficiency of processing cycles. Furthermore, our expertise includes an economical method to dispose of waste materials and comply with environmental regulations.

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    Recovering precious metals

    Slag, sludges and used greases – thanks to our specialized staff and their expertise, we have the know-how to process various by-products in the best possible way and maximize precious metal recovery.

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    Production and streaming transaction contracts

    GNB Swiss Investments forgoes the exploration phase in the mining sector, preferring to invest in mining operations through streaming contracts and the production of strategic materials. In this sector our focus is on North America.

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    Financing and capital procurement

    Mining is resource intensive: machinery, employees, and safe, efficient and environmentally friendly processes. GNB is specifically raising capital for companies in the mining sector.

Long-term investment strategy in the mining sector

Our investment strategy focuses on undervalued noble metals, industrial metals, and strategic metals that have certified reserves and inferred deposits with high potential.

We do not allow ourselves to be corrupted by short-term pressures that lead to dysfunctional investment behavior.

Investment horizon from 3 to 10 years

Several mining companies are among our partner companies and projects. Most projects benefit from excellent access to rail and port infrastructure.

Our mining projects have the potential to stretch far into the future, with mine lives ranging from short term to long term assets with durations of more than 10 years.

Invest into the start of any industrial value chain

We provide early investment opportunities in undervalued mining companies to maximize returns. If you have any questions about GNB Swiss Investments or our services, please feel free to contact us.